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Burlesque 101 Qwikkie


The word itself evokes images that are retro, sexy and curious! To your grandfather’s generation, Burlesque was a great night out watching sexy strip-teasers shed their clothes to a live band with style and sass.

Nowadays, within the thriving neo-burlesque revival that began in the 1990’s, Burlesque is evolving by leaps and bounds as a legitimate art and an exciting form of mass entertainment.

As entertainment, Burlesque is dance, theatre, music, comedy, circus and striptease all rolled into one big sparkly ball of fun! As an art form it challenges society’s norms, pushes the entertainment envelope and claims some of the most extravagantly colorful personalities imaginable. The New Burlesque blends elements of its early traditions with constantly evolving innovations in performance and whips it all up with a big modern dose of sexy humanity.

And after all these years, it’s STILL a great night out watching beautiful, sexy, funny and intelligent strip-teasers of all shapes, sizes, genders and colors entertain and astound you! Don’t be surprised if you look up on the stage and find yourself there. After all, we’re all sisters and brothers under the skin.

- Burgundy Brixx

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