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My Performances

  • The Bomb Samba

    The Bomb Samba

    Fantastic performance by Ruby Joule at the Bell House in Brooklyn for the 2011 New York Burlesque...  View

  • Gypsy Rose Lee Tribute

    Gypsy Rose Lee Tribute

    Ruby Joule performs her tribute to Gypsy Rose Lee, "A Lovely Pair," at Viva Dallas...  View

  • The Screen Siren

    The Screen Siren

    RubyJoule performs at the 2011 Dallas Burlesque Festival   View

  • Little Evil Me

    Little Evil Me

    Ruby Joule dances to Eartha Kitt's "I Want to be Evil " at Viva Dallas Burlesque in...  View


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"The Gem You'd Love to Polish!"


Austin, Texas
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393 times
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March 21, 2011