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My Performances

  • Statue of Liberty- Black Mariah

    Statue of Liberty- Black Mariah

    Black Mariah performs to Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin. Mariah strips as the Statue of...  View

  • You Don't Own Leia

    You Don't Own Leia

    Black Mariah's debut of "You Don't Own Me", Her Slave Leia routine at All-Con in...  View

  • Hell


    Black Mariah performs one of her signature routines. Too hot to handle! Mariah's corset removal...  View

  • Black Mariah @ DBF 2011

    Black Mariah @ DBF 2011

    Dallas's own Black Mariah on the main stage of the 2011 Dallas Burlesque Festival   View

Black Mariah

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Black Mariah hails from Dallas, TX . She has been a dancer since 2004 and now is a pastie designer and co-prod. of the Dallas Burlesque Fest


Dallas, TX
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January 25, 2011