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My Performances

  • Super Fly Bat Woman

    Super Fly Bat Woman

    Awesome April O'Peel is even more awesome as Bat Woman - performed with Pandora and the...  View

  • Frisky Kitty

    Frisky Kitty

    April O' Peel's a naughty kitty... Performance for Screaming Chicken's "Taboo Revue",...  View

  • April O' Peel - le Mime

    April O' Peel - le Mime

    April O' Peel's phenomenal mime performance at the Taboo Revue, May 22, 2010   View

  • Lonely Girl

    Lonely Girl

    The ever-amazing April O'Peel combating loneliness onstage at Kitty Nights West, Nov 28, 2010  View

  • April O'Peel- Chicken

    April O'Peel- Chicken

    April O'Peel performs her Chicken Act at Kitty Nights West in Vancouver BC, Oct 9 2011   View

  • Affair of the Mime

    Affair of the Mime

    April O'Peel brings her fabulous and famous Mime onto the stage at Midnight Blue Burlesque,...  View

  • April the Chicken

    April the Chicken

    Wonderful performance by April O'Peel at the 2012 Vancouver International Burlesque Festival   View

  • Release the Kraken- April O'Peel

    Release the Kraken- April O'Peel

    April O'Peel releases the Kraken at Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society's Taboo Revue  View

  • April O'Peel at VIBF 2011

    April O'Peel at VIBF 2011

    April O'Peel performs at the Vogue Theatre during the 2011 Vancouver International Burlesque...  View

  • Swingin' Veils

    Swingin' Veils

    The ever Fabulous April O' Peel swings it at the Mermaid Cafe   View

  • Jungle Hair

    Jungle Hair

    The always fabulous April O'Peel performing at the sold-out Kitty Nights West 3rd Anniversary...  View

  • Affair de Mime

    Affair de Mime

    Classic April O'Peel performing her fantastic Mime act at Kitty Nights West, Vancouver, 2010  View

April O'Peel

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Among the performers, stand-outs include April O’Peel who is a sheer comical and dancing talent on display.." -Muhammad Amir, The Peak- Since graduating from Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society's Becoming Burlesque program, this comic cutie has titillated audiences in dozens of venues across Vancouver and Canada. This busty and lusty Burlesque Stripsation will...


Vancouver BC
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