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Burlesque Stars Oral Moral

Now that you're on your way to Burlesque Star-dom, we have a few rules (well, let's call them "pointers") that'll help us all maintain an environment of mutual respect and fabulous entertainment:
1. When planning, performing, and uploading a clip, try and make it fun, creative, sexy and shoot it with a good quality camera. HD is great and your footage will look fantastic! Read our Video Tips for helpful info on shooting a great performance video.
2. Burlesque Stars broadcasts a wide range of member-submitted Burlesque performances, from the classic to the outright bizarre. This is art and we welcome and celebrate it, but we may also remove a performance that is deemed overtly pornographic or offensive to a particular person or group.
3. If the latter sounds like your performance, Burlesque Stars is not the arena for it. Treat the site as a great venue for sharing and viewing performances that have artistic and entertainment merit and you'll have an amazing time
4. Please don't upload performances featuring:
a) Illegal acts of any variety
b) Acts of violence where anyone (or any living thing for that matter) is being attacked, hurt or humiliated. Seriously, not cool
c) Malicious stereotypes
d) Any kind of hate lyrics/speech

As per common sense, there is zero tolerance of predatory, stalking and/or threatening behaviors. Same goes for harassing, invading privacy or revealing other members' personal information. Don't be a sneaky cheat by spamming tags, sending gamed thumbnails or creating dummy accounts that do things no normal human could. We've got John Law on speed dial and have no fear of tattletale stigmas for reporting any of these illegal and dangerous behaviors.

Respect Copyright Laws and your fellow Burlesque Stars by uploading only performances that you made yourself or have obtained the right to use. Posing as someone else and copying is no fun! Come on now!

If you violate the above rules or the Terms of Use, you'll be seeing a warning notification in your inbox or worse, the termination of your account and deletion of all your videos completely. We decide whether we believe your violation(s) should result in termination of your account. If your account is nuked, you're prohibited from rejoining and opening up another account. Oh yeah, and no complaining about it either. We warned ya, fair and square.

Please understand thoroughly and take our rules seriously. We've created them to protect each member, yourself included. Using these simple tips and your own common sense should ensure you have a brazilliant time here as a member of our fabulous club.

As we've said earlier, Burlesque Stars is your creative outlet to view and share all things Burlesque-y. Each and every member makes this site what it is, so by all means, upload your performances, view performances by leading performers and those on the rise, connect with them by becoming their "Fan", posting comments to their performances or on their wall, and sharing all the content you enjoy with the external sites we're connected to – y'know, the ones with names that rhyme with spacebook, splitter and more…

We're here to celebrate, share and be inspired your Fabulousness, so dig right in and show us what you've got!