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More More Toronto Burlesque – Day 3!

Posted on July 24th, 2010

Uh, Wow!

The bar keeps rising. Last night, myself and a few hundred hipsterishly cool folks packed ourselves into the Revival Club for the “Glamour Gala” – and what an awesomely glamourous gala it was. Hosts La Minouche and Sexy Mark Brown were huge fun, snappy and smart – not to mention damn sexy. La Minouche is the cutest/sexiest woman and that Sexy Mark Brown brought it on as well when he accompanied Tanya Cheeks in her hilariously romantic Sea Monkey routine – I felt especially close to this, as I too had those disappointing little creatures when I was a kid – still remembering the day my Mom killed the last remaining one, apparently by “accident”…

Performers were mainly from these eastern parts, with a few westerners thrown in to remind Toronto that there is indeed a left coast. All were fantastic, but I’ve gotta shout out to a few standouts: Foxy Tann and her reflection on selling a “chair”, Roxy Dlite and her 2010 Burlesque Hall of Fame winning performance, the amazing hula-hoopness of Lula Houp-Garou, Julie Atlas Muz and Tigger’s operetta, Michelle L’amour’s incredibly sexy Snow White, Dew Lily’s phenomenal Tin Man and of course the standing-ovation-causing, boob-a-flaming finale number from none other than Satan’s Angel – I tell ya, every single one of us were (and still are) completely in love with her!

Videos of all the TBF performances will be on StripCHEEZ starting next Tuesday, July 27

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Toronto Burlesque Fest – Day 2 Thurs, July 22

Posted on July 23rd, 2010

Tonight was actually the “official” opening night for the festival and what a packed night. All the action was still at the Gladstone Hotel. Upstairs there was the retrospective of Dr. Sketchy artwork  - if you don’t know this series, check it out – Life Drawing sessions made sexy! In one of the main bars, everyone got together to meet each other, have a few drinks and start the eve – and, wow, what an eve…

We started with a press conference, discussing the future of Burlesque. I was on the panel that included Dirty Martini, Roxi Dlite, Michelle L’amour, Jo “Boobs” Weldon, Satan’s Angel, Tigger!, Julie Atlas Muz, Sauci Calla Hora and Tanya Cheex. A few good questions were asked and I was able to make my point that new media offers many exciting new possibilities for Burlesque, in both how it’s conceived, presented and distributed.

After that, the shows began – In one bar were Teaser Performances by some up and coming talent, and in the ballroom there was the Rising Star Showcase. The wonderfully entertaining Keith Cole (who is a front-runner in the 2010 Toronto mayoral candidate race) hosted the first half and the very cool Indigo Blue of Seattle hosted the second. I really dug the overall quality of these new performers and have to give special mention to Mahogony Storm and Johnny aka Claire Ness.

There was also an art-bra auction, with proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research. Different artists and designers created these and a couple were outstanding – so much so that the final piece, a double CN Tower tipped metal representation of Toronto incited a bidding frenzy between yours truly and Sauci Calla Hora. I was secretly bidding to gift t to her and she was bidding to gift it to Burlesque legend Satan’s Angel (whom I heart greatly). In the end, Sauci won out at $245, which we both shared and the bra went to Angel – Can’t wait to see it on her :-)

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