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How To Write A Burlesque Bio

Posted on July 15th, 2012


The dreaded bio!! How many a performer dread putting a pen to paper in order to try and possibly convey how awesome they truly are! Why is it so hard to write these darn things? Maybe it feels hard for you to toot your own horn, maybe you are just starting out and aren’t sure the best way to promote yourself, or maybe you just hate words!? Its ok! I’m almost positive EVERYONE hates writing bios but here is a handy list of steps you can take to get the damn thing done!!!


Step 1. Remember That Perfection Is The Enemy of Art

Its really easy to feel overwhelmed when you are putting too much pressure on yourself.   Try not to have attachments to the end result and look at it as a fun challenge! Enjoy it as it happens instead of focussing on it being perfect right away. Remember, the saying isn’t perfect makes perfect- its practice makes perfect! You have to be bad before you can get better!!


Step 2. Adjective Time!!

Before we even think about starting to write, I want you to think about your Burlesque persona!! Who is she/he? How would you describe their style, character, and appearance? Just write down any and all words that pop into your mind! Now head over to thesaurus.com and type each of those words into the search bar and see if you can find any others that you like.


Step 3. Rhyme Time

Now take a look at your list of words and head over to Rhymezone.com and see if you can find any fun rhymes. For example, I love using “Busty and Lusty” as well as “Curvy and Pervy.” The reason for this is that your bio should be fun to say and read. You want it to be as entertaining as you are!!!


Step 4. Think of Your Bio As Your Burlesque story!!

Ask yourself the following questions! How long have you been performing? Where and with who? Did you receive any training? Did you receive any training from notable teachers/performers/schools? Consider adding details that will help portray you in an interesting, exciting and/or positive light. Make sure to throw in some of those exciting adjectives we talked about earlier!! Having an exotic character with a crazy orgin story is totally ok too! Maybe you were born in the jungles of Borneo or raised on an alien hobo farm!?


Step 5. Accomplishments/Ambitions

What are you proud of? Have you received any recognition? What are you known for? What would you like to be known for!? Do you have any signature trademarks or routines?  Make sure to list any major festival or events you have performed at. If you are just starting out and don’t have as many to list, don’t fret! You can talk about why you love Burlesque or what you can add to the community. Feel free to talk about the kind of art you would like to create!


Step 6. Update!

You are constantly evolving and so is your bio!! Make sure you are keeping it up to date as you carry on with your Burlesque career!


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Check out the Wiggle in These Walks

Posted on June 29th, 2012

I’ve been working hard to try and make sure that all of my movements look intentional and I’m a big fan of those with a signature strut. Check out these 3 videos of walks and wiggles I’ve been inspired by!

The Angie Pontani Prance

Dirty and Divine!

Inga In Action

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Posted on June 25th, 2012

SHE IS BASICALLY JEM!!!  I am so jealous.

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Posted on June 25th, 2012

Check this out!!! The future!! Oooeooooooh!!

Stripey Fans!!

LED Fans!!

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My Top 10 Fav BHOF Mammaries

Posted on June 25th, 2012

1. Alotta Boutte- Iva Handful-Inga Ingenue; Ok thats three and I’m cheating but part of the fun of BHOF for me is becoming a new superfan of awesome performers- CONSIDER ME A SUPERFAN LADIES!

2. How annoying Vancouver is/was for all our friends on Thurs. “BLUE! BLUE! BLUE!”

3. LEGEND NIGHT! How can you pick one?? I think I might pick Val Valentine, at least as Rookie of the Year! Her first time performing in some time and she was just magnificent!! Did her style remind anyone else of Melody Mangler? All demure and pretty hands and then BAM BAM BAM! Loved her costume too!! *Swooon*


5. Everything Julie Atlas Muz does. She could poo in my salad and I would still call her a genius

6. Wearing THIS outfit

7. That time when I won Most Comedic; um YAY!

8. The Legends panel!! Seriously my favorite thing all weekend!

9. Queen Category; Whoa. Seriously Whoa. I’m really excited for video to come out so I can relive them all!!!

10. New Hosts! Aside from BOB and the ever fantastic Nadine Dubois, we saw fresh talent this year from and I loved ALL OF THEM!!


What was your favourite BHOF mammory, I mean memory?

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