1. Alotta Boutte- Iva Handful-Inga Ingenue; Ok thats three and I’m cheating but part of the fun of BHOF for me is becoming a new superfan of awesome performers- CONSIDER ME A SUPERFAN LADIES!

2. How annoying Vancouver is/was for all our friends on Thurs. “BLUE! BLUE! BLUE!”

3. LEGEND NIGHT! How can you pick one?? I think I might pick Val Valentine, at least as Rookie of the Year! Her first time performing in some time and she was just magnificent!! Did her style remind anyone else of Melody Mangler? All demure and pretty hands and then BAM BAM BAM! Loved her costume too!! *Swooon*


5. Everything Julie Atlas Muz does. She could poo in my salad and I would still call her a genius

6. Wearing THIS outfit

7. That time when I won Most Comedic; um YAY!

8. The Legends panel!! Seriously my favorite thing all weekend!

9. Queen Category; Whoa. Seriously Whoa. I’m really excited for video to come out so I can relive them all!!!

10. New Hosts! Aside from BOB and the ever fantastic Nadine Dubois, we saw fresh talent this year from and I loved ALL OF THEM!!


What was your favourite BHOF mammory, I mean memory?