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Archive for June, 2012

Check out the Wiggle in These Walks

Posted on June 29th, 2012

I’ve been working hard to try and make sure that all of my movements look intentional and I’m a big fan of those with a signature strut. Check out these 3 videos of walks and wiggles I’ve been inspired by!

The Angie Pontani Prance

Dirty and Divine!

Inga In Action

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Words with… Lola Frost and Cherry OnTop

Posted on June 26th, 2012


Lola Frost and Cherry OnTop, dish on their show-stopping “Mummy and Cleopatra” performance at the 2012 Burlesque Hall of Fame weekend in Vegas, and working with both Sweet Soul Burlesque and the Vancouver Burlesque Centre in that fab city.

Watch the Interview

Watch the “Mummy and Cleopatra” performance

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Posted on June 25th, 2012

SHE IS BASICALLY JEM!!!  I am so jealous.

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Posted on June 25th, 2012

Check this out!!! The future!! Oooeooooooh!!

Stripey Fans!!

LED Fans!!

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My Top 10 Fav BHOF Mammaries

Posted on June 25th, 2012

1. Alotta Boutte- Iva Handful-Inga Ingenue; Ok thats three and I’m cheating but part of the fun of BHOF for me is becoming a new superfan of awesome performers- CONSIDER ME A SUPERFAN LADIES!

2. How annoying Vancouver is/was for all our friends on Thurs. “BLUE! BLUE! BLUE!”

3. LEGEND NIGHT! How can you pick one?? I think I might pick Val Valentine, at least as Rookie of the Year! Her first time performing in some time and she was just magnificent!! Did her style remind anyone else of Melody Mangler? All demure and pretty hands and then BAM BAM BAM! Loved her costume too!! *Swooon*


5. Everything Julie Atlas Muz does. She could poo in my salad and I would still call her a genius

6. Wearing THIS outfit

7. That time when I won Most Comedic; um YAY!

8. The Legends panel!! Seriously my favorite thing all weekend!

9. Queen Category; Whoa. Seriously Whoa. I’m really excited for video to come out so I can relive them all!!!

10. New Hosts! Aside from BOB and the ever fantastic Nadine Dubois, we saw fresh talent this year from and I loved ALL OF THEM!!


What was your favourite BHOF mammory, I mean memory?

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To peel, or not to peel?

Posted on June 21st, 2012

“Hi Burgundy!
My troupe has been asked to do a paid gig. The event wants to advertise a “Burlesque Show” but they asked us not to take off any clothing.  What should we do?
- Nude and Confused”

Burgundy Brixx hard at work answering your questions

Dear Nude -
This is a situation that’s been coming up a lot. I’ve had to deal with it myself, and it’s one of the main reasons why I’ve coined the term “Burlethics”, pertaining to our responsibility as artists to this very particular art form.
While early burlesque (prior to the 1920′s or so) certainly was not about the nudity, one of the main components of our art as a part of the Burlesque Revival is the art of striptease. Period. To present any show calling itself  ”Burlesque” as a part of our movement without incorporating the art of peeling is disrespecting the art form and the entire community. The more the public sees “Burlesque” that is watered down and sanitized for mass consumption, the more we lose our hard-fought ability to perform neo-burlesque striptease acts in clubs and theatres across the world.
That being said, if your troupe or company is not just a burlesque company, but are also trained performers  in other formats such as vaudevillians, musicians or a dance company and you’re able to provide a great show under a different company or performer name while NOT using the term “Burlesque”, then by all means take the gig, take the money and entertain the people! It’s just that when we mis-represent ourselves as Burlesque Artists, we lose power and it’s even more difficult to regain that power once we’ve given it up for a few measly dollars. We all have a responsibility as part of this community to do our best to keep the art-form alive and moving forward.
We’re here! We’re nude! Get used to it!



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Words with… Jeez Loueez

Posted on June 19th, 2012


Jeez Loueez, the beautiful powerhouse-in-dance-shoes from Chicago talks about winning the 2012 Viva Las Vegas title, her Burlesque life in the Windy City and experiencing the Burlesque Hall of Fame weekend for the first time.

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Words with… Jac Bowie

Posted on June 14th, 2012


Jac Bowie, Sydney-based Producer extraordinaire, chats with us about her exciting new projects, the Burlesque scene in Australia and her wonderful friend Imogen Kelly, who has just been crowned “Queen of Burlesque” at BHoF 2012.

Watch the Video

And check out her profile page to see some great performances at her events

Now share this with friends that will find an interest in what Jac is doing – let’s support Burlesque in Australia!

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Four Days in the Desert

Posted on June 12th, 2012

By Baron S. Cameron

I guess I could begin by saying I’ve never had any desire to go to Las Vegas. I didn’t think it was my kind of place. What I saw there when I first arrived did little to assuage my feelings about it, the city. The locals, as it turns out, I quite liked. But, suffice it to say, I’m glad the International Burlesque Hall of Fame imported glitz and glam to add to their own.

If the “Weekend” had been held in Toledo, I’d have been there. Cleveland? Sure. But Vegas it was. And holy crap, what a “was” it was.

As familiar faces started to arrive from Vancouver, I felt more at ease. And even though I felt pretty much an outsider, there’s still that “secret handshake”: Tattoos, high hair, and a massive suitcase are a pretty good indication you’re now among likeminded people, no matter where they were from. They poured in from all over the globe. As they gathered, the constant, mind-numbing din of one-armed bandits screaming through my head was subdued by expectation… the show was coming. It couldn’t arrive soon enough.

My first cloudy memory as the weekend told hold was a group picture that wouldn’t stop growing. After leaving a party in one of the upper floor suites, I was walking backwards down a beautifully creepy hallway, snapping pics of four wonderful faces. We stopped for a posed pic. Four became six. Six became eight… The final pic of our impromptu photo shoot ended up looking like a burlesque Sgt. Peppers. At that moment I knew. I knew, even as the infidel in their midst, that this was a group, a community, that had come from far and wide to celebrate not only a common purpose, but a way of life.

It was seven words that brought me to Vegas. “You really should come to Las Vegas” in fact. Lola Frost, of Vancouver’s Sweet Soul Burlesque, had opened a door to me nearly two years ago. She was my letter of introduction into a world where guys such as me rarely stray, and never walked uninvited. I’d seen the pictures and heard the stories. I knew to even begin to understand why these performers work as hard as they do, I would have to go to Vegas, straight into the heart of it. Immerse myself in four days of their lives of burlesque

Unfortunately, I can’t write anything about the stage performances themselves that wouldn’t be equally as inadequate as the photos I took at trying to explain the skill, glamour, and soft-hearted intensity that poured from the stage with every number. The performances were a roller coaster of the senses. One moment I found myself in sheer awe, laughing the next, a tear slowly rolling down my cheek soon thereafter.

I was hoarse from cheering before the curtain fell on the first evening’s show.

After the show, the showroom emptied into the casino, a glittering, chattering, display of confidence, style, community, and pride, slowing making its way to the after party. But I found myself slipping to the sidelines again, watching the parade from the curb and not feeling I had earned the privilege to walk amongst them.

The next day something changed. I gave the security guard at the elevators a high-five as he welcomed me on my way to the pool with, “Mornin’ chief!” Once at the pool, I saw an array of familiar faces from the night before. The mutual recognition gave us something in common.

I set about trying to meet and converse with everyone. Differences became stories; similarities became promises of future shared adventure. As it turned out, if I was just myself, that was all that was required.

The rest of the weekend followed in a similar style. The performances onstage continued to capture and enthrall. The living mood in the crowd beyond the stage titillated and taunted every sense. I chatted and joked with the newcomers, tipped glasses with the leaders and innovators of the art, and sat listening with reverence to the legends who regaled me, first hand, with stories I thought I’d only ever read in books.

When it came time to leave, I found myself dragging my heels. But as I walked through the hotel, saying goodbyes and swapping info, I could not help but smile to see that every square foot of carpet had either a feather, a sequin, or a splash of glitter making a spot for itself. It was a fitting metaphor for the weekend I’d just experienced. You can’t be part of something like this and not be touched by it. It leaves you with something.

Boarding the plane back home, I smiled at how lucky I was. Unlike many people who come to gather in Vegas, I came and saw and left a devoted fan and booster of burlesque. A dentist, who comes to Vegas to party with other dentists, leaves the party behind when the plane takes off. But I can go out on almost any night in Vancouver and watch a performance, relive what brought me to Vegas, and it’s much more enjoyable than performing root canal. That weekend in Vegas may be the biggest and loudest, but only because of the people, talent, and love that gathered there to make it so.

It made me want to be more involved.

It is my hope that by the time I land at the airport next year, I’ll step off the plane having spent a year in my hometown helping make the community here that much stronger. I have not yet found a home in burlesque, but it is a beautiful neighbourhood and I’m starting to look for a place to settle down. I am not so naive to think that it is always like the fun to be had in Vegas. These things are built. And that takes serious commitment and dedicated hard work. Meeting these wonderful people from around the globe was what I needed to get to it, to do my part to start paying for the entire amazing spectacle their world has given to me.

“You really should come to Las Vegas.”

I did. I will again.

Thanks for the invite.

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Tiffany Carter is Fierce!

Posted on June 9th, 2012



Tiffany Carter was in Vancouver (aka “VanGroovy”) for the 2012 Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, where she was one of the Headlining Performers in the gorgeous – and very large – Vogue Theatre.

Tink and Tiffany were able to chat about her performance, and those of others at the festival, plus her excitement to see everyone in her hometown of Las Vegas for the Burlesque Hall of Fame weekend in the beginning of June.


Watch the interview:     Words with… Tiffany Carter


We adore Tiffany and if you do as well, send some comments ‘o Looove her way!

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