The Vogue Theatre was buzzing with excitement from the very beginning. The diversity in the line-up was what had me most excited, and I couldn’t wait to see some of my favourite comedic, classic, and ‘alternative’ performers on stage.

It was really hard to pick out my favourites from the night since every performance had something unique and exciting to offer. So I didn’t. I wrote about them all 

But before I start reviewing the acts, I need to mention somebody who made the night for me. Somebody who held everything together, captured the audience and never let them go, and broke out her own brand of sass for everybody to see. That somebody is Crystal Precious. Holy fuck, girl! That was some kick-ass hosting. I loved the costume changes, the strip-hop opening, and how you seamlessly moved the audience from one act to the next. Amazing. Simply amazing.

The night started with a bang with Villainy Loveless, who made the costume & bondage festishist in me very happy with her Cop act. In true badass fashion, when she lost a pastie she simply ripped the other one off and continued her act unapologetically.

Jenny Magenta was probably the scariest and funniest bridezilla I have ever seen. And speaking of terrifying and hilarious, Sparkle Plenty performed one of the best acts I’ve seen from her in the comedic act “Fear of Clowns”.
Blue Morris had the female audience members squealing in delight with his guitar act and exacted one of the most creative male stocking peels that I have seen. Luciterra Fusion Bellydance had the audience in awe with their performance, which blended various styles of dance together in a synchronized and extremely well executed choreography.

The first act closed with Cherry on Top and Lola Frost performing their duet, Egyptian Nights, which they are competing with at BHOF. I have seen this act before, and I loved it then, but these ladies NAILED IT on the Vogue stage. The act is innovative, creative, and captivating. I loved the choreography and dance elements, and the energy of these two women together on stage is awe-inspiring. Plus, there really is something to be said for two ladies stripping each other’s clothes off. Hot!

Voracious V opened the second act with Naughty Geisha, and performed it better than I have ever seen! Spooksy DeLune was next with a sexy and dark act titled “Dirt”. From the Morticia-style dress to the gutting of a pumpkin on stage, it was a thrill to watch.

Nicky Ninedoors was up next with “Nude”. She sang live, and with the amazing acoustics of the Vogue and her natural talent, her voice was hauntingly beautiful. Paired with those gorgeous fans, it was certainly an act that stood out.

Screaming Chicken’s “East Van Dreams” was a thrill to watch. I need to take a moment to commend them for their clean and well-executed choreography. With a group that large, it’s a hard thing to accomplish, and they managed to achieve it with a sense of sparkly glamour and their own brand of SC fun. Great job, guys!

Cherry Typhoon warmed my heart when she performed. This woman is so adorable and fun to watch. Her face shines with joy and happiness, and it is obvious that she is having the time of her life on stage. The act from start to finish was fun and entertaining.

Then came the burlesque legend, Tiffany Carter, with her Cat act. Ummm….YES! The first thing I saw when she got on stage was that the whiskers on her cat mask lit up – amazing. I loved the double layer of gloves and how she had zippers to remove the top layer. Then, of course, we were able to witness her legendary negligee work, which was, of course, amazing. And then it finished off with pasties that lit up just like the whiskers on her cat mask. Sigh! I love watching legends perform, and so did the Vogue audience. Standing ovation for a deserving legend!

Raven Virginia and Violet Rhapsody performed a star trek/fight scene/go-go girls act titled “Star Trek Booblesque” that was so fun and random that you couldn’t help but love it.

Melody Mangler performed “Waaah Wow!” which showcased her inventive costuming, excellent musicality, and sheer stage presence. This woman is one of those performers that could stand on stage and do nothing and it would still capture the attention of each and every audience member and have them at the edge of their seats.

April O’Peel, my favourite comedic performer in Vancouver, performed her Chicken act. The perfect combination of comedic timing, characterization, classic striptease, and excellent musicality had the audience in the palm of her hand. From start to finish, I loved every moment of this act.

Jesse Belle Jones’ “Hobo Jones” stood out as one of my favourite acts of the night. It was inventive (newspaper fans!) and theatrical. The choreography was at a professional level, and I enjoyed that she brought so many dance elements into the act. It was unique and different, and very well received.

The night finished off with a performance by the “No-pantser Romancer”, Jett Adore, with his act “The Peacock”. I am completely in love with this act. It was beautiful and creative, with the music complimenting each movement he made perfectly. To be honest, I forgot I had to review the act when I was watching so I wasn’t able to make many notes, but I do think I heard a lot of panties hitting the floor during his performance.

After the curtain call and the show ended, I was left with a giant smile on my face. I felt so proud of the VIBF Board, the volunteers, and the performers (both locally and internationally) who made the Friday night showcase such a success. Amazing work, guys!

-Madame Mae I