Greetings Everyone and Welcome to BurlesqueStars!

I’m writing this from beautiful Vancouver, which I like to call “VanGroovy” – and which certainly was that this past weekend with the 7th annual Vancouver International Burlesque Festival hitting town.

This festival is quite meaningful to us as when we launched StripCHEEZ two years ago, it was during the same event. We received such gracious and enthusiastic support from everyone at the festival – Producers, Performers, Photographers and the audience that it gave us great momentum to continue on to Toronto, New Orleans, New York and BurlyCon later that year.

While participating in those events, we asked a lot of questions on how we could improve our service to the community. Your answers came in droves and were smart, funny and really constructive.

Cut to present day and we’ve evolved into, a whole new site that implements these changes and gives you a beautiful new venue within which to enjoy and use them.

Please take a tour and let us know what you think. If you’re active as a performer, producer, photographer, videographer or school, you’ll want to check out our “PRO” membership. It gives you a ton of promotional and organizational tools that will help manage and boost your career – and you can try it out for free!

You can visually customize your profile page to reflect your fabulousness – and integrate it to your facebook and twitter accounts so everyone can see what you’re up to. You can create events that are immediately posted on facebook, but also super easy to search and find on B-Stars with the keyword tags we provide for you to use. Upload photo albums (never flagged :) , show your activities in the calendar on your profile page, lock and unlock videos, list yourself or search for people you need in the “Availability Listings”, and sooo much more.

I think you’ll find it quite useful and enjoyable, so please check it out and let your friends in on it as well. We’re here to serve you and help your Burlesque Career be as fun and productive as possible.

And thanks again to all the incredible people who made the 7th Annual Vancouver International Burlesque Festival such a great success. We’re honoured and proud to be a part of this great, fun and innovative community. We’ll be posting videos from the festival in the next couple weeks, so keep your beautiful self tuned to BurlesqueStars and also make a point to say Hi if you see me at a festival – we’ll be at as many as we can this year.