I freakin love Ebay!!! It is seriously the BEST!! Or at least a great resource to find unusual prop or costume items on the cheap! Check out my top three favorite stores!

1.Crystal Wholesale

Swarovskis on the cheap!!! Cheap if you ask me anyway- a gross (144 stones) goes for about 6.99 and its FREE SHIPPING!!! I await my order of citrine at this very moment. SHINY SHINY GIMME GIMME!!

2. Belly Dance Worlds

Find Isis wings, panel skirts and other awesome stuff for bargain prices!! A quick search for belly dance items on ebay in general will have 1000s of results- prepare to waste hours looking at pretty things you can’t afford NOT to buy!!

3. Charismatico

OMG!! Its basically the ebay equivalent of Sequin Queen! Some great sequin dresses and feather ensembles!! Get your drag on ladies!