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Archive for March, 2011

Stalky Stalky..

Posted on March 31st, 2011

More info!

For Title:

For Group:

For Debut:

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Posted on March 31st, 2011

Haha ok I know SOME of the people going to BHOF- thank you superior stalking skills!!!

So far I have stalked.. I mean deduced:

For Title:

Amazeball lineup so far!! (of course of course!! Excited to see who else is competing for the crown!!!

For Best Group I have scouted out that:

RAZZLE TASSLE IS GOING!! (Me, Melody Mangler, and Violet Femme- WE ARE SOOOO STOOKED! AHHH)

We’ll be competing against basically all of Chicago?? :D

The names I’ve found for Debut are:

*Angelique Devil

*Charlotte Treuse

*Stella LaRoque

and saw that for Boylesque we’ll see performances from

*Bazooka Joe

*Jett Adore

Other awesome news twas that our own BC Grand Beaver Judith Stein will be performing with the Legends on the Friday!! Get ready for Judith everyone.. you have nooooooooooo idea!!!!

Also props to the amazing Delilah Dare of Vancouver who wasn’t able to accept her Thursday night slot.

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Posted on March 30th, 2011

CAN WE KNOW YET!!!!!??? apparently tonight..

Scarlett James has published a book about Burlesque!!

Lots of Burlesque superstars to feature in Calgary based Burlesque Assassins Film

Anyone have 1000 dollars?

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Wishing and Waiting

Posted on March 28th, 2011

OOOHHH MYYY GAAAAAADDD!!! I feel like the “are we there yet” kid. Can we know yet? Can we know yet? Can we know yet? Applicants received an update over the weekend letting them know that they were hoping to have the results of just who will be competing and performing at the Burlesque Hall of Fame by/around this Monday…. P.S its Monday!!! AHHHHHHH No word yet but I’m super excited to find out the line up for this years event!!! I will be monitoring all my social netwerk sites for ecstatic freak outs!!! Another P.P.S Its been thrown around that there aren’t many rooms left at the Orleans so if you haven’t booked one yet- so Get ‘er done!!!!

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Vancouver Burlesque Fest Site is LIVE!!!

Posted on March 25th, 2011

So the Vancouver Burlesque Festival site is now LIVE and we can see exactly what the schedule for the weekend will look like and what productions made it into the fest. You can explore at http://www.vanburlesquefest.com

Heres the rundown as far as I have investigated!

The Newbs

This year the festival has chosen lots of new talent and companies to grace the Rickshaw stage. Companies and shows such as Pandora and Locksmiths and Pasties and G-string are newer to the Van Burlesque scene but have quickly proven themselves to be formidable producers and performers. Live music + Burlesque are always a good combo and I’m intrigued and excited to see the throwback to Vancouver heritage Burlesque entertainment destination, The Cave, that Pasties and A G-string has concocted. Boobs and History! Yay!

The Crazies:

Sex at the Circus was one of the festivals best productions last year and I am sooooo excited to see what they’ve come up with this year. EEEEEEE!! I LOVE me some carny hookers!! Also adding to the list of insanity are Bloody Betty and the Deadly Sins. Haha I know why we put these kids last on the bill…messy mess time!! These productions will lend a nice balance to the classic productions.

The Out of Towners:

Its nice to see a variety from Seattle joining us this year!! Its honestly abit silly the two communities don’t interact more than we do seeing as we are neighbors and all so its great that we have some fresh faces coming up!! Sinner Saint has a whole production slot on the Friday and Scotty the Blue Bunny will be hosting on Saturday night!!!


ROXI DLITE IS HEADLINING!!! AHHHHH!! Vancouver are you in for a treat!!! The Reigning Queen of Burlesque will be performing at the Vogue on the Saturday Night!! Hot Damn!! I wonder what act(s) she will do? Also headlining will be Burlesque legend Judith Stein as well as a dazzling array of other solo and group performances!! Twill be RAD!

I will say its abit sad to not see longtime groups Screaming Chicken, Sweet Soul, or Pink Flamingos producing shows but I think that overall the lineup is very strong and I hope for the best in terms of turnout and performances from everyone involved.

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New Logo?

Posted on March 24th, 2011

Check it..

Found this on the Vancouver Burly Fest Facebook page..


oh thank the dear lord… It looks great!! Not sure who the artist is but Kudos!! I like her alot better than the one thats up right now

Mind you this gal has flashy lights and stuff.. but I think the new one is so cute!!! Way better!!! But thats just my uninformed look at me I have a soapbox opinion!!

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Burlesque and Social Change

Posted on March 23rd, 2011

The Last Graduating Class of Becoming Burlesque, March 18 2011, Photo by Ian West of Wedo Photo

I recently had the opportunity to attend a seminar with Judith Marcuse about Arts and Social change and it was a truly inspiring experience. Her work has helped me form a stronger sense on where I stand regarding the debate of Burlesque hobbyists and/or newer performers and the resulting issues that have come up for the Burlesque community.

I like to argue that its not necessary for everyone in BQ to be involved for the same reasons and that allowance for diversity in intention helps to create the diversity in performance and style and even people involved that makes our community a richer and more beautiful place to be.

I’ve since been able to add this to my argument.

Now every kind of dance, including Burlesque, is a form of non-violent communication. Its a way for people to express themselves and their experiences which in turn tell the stories of their communities. For most of us- its the story of a sect of middle class that NEED to create art and have stumbled into this niche. And its a niche, that by power of who is involved at this point and whether we market it as such or not, promises acceptance and expression. I think that that is a beautiful thing and is truly why I am here. I can see us sometimes getting stuck focussing on the fear that hobbyists or newer performers will somehow destroy everything we love, but forgetting that they are part of what we love. I think that we need to actively start saying that what we are doing isn’t therapy, but by nature of what we exploring and creating, things may come up and that these results can be therapeutic for both performer and audience. Got it? Not therapy, but it can be therapeutic. Art is self expression; but great art has meaning. Burlesque can be a place where we learn to trust each other, create connections, build relationships and exchange knowledge which in turn can only create meaning and value in the lives of those involved- but thats only if we let it.

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I Can Haz America?

Posted on March 22nd, 2011

Ok! So LEARN FROM  ME!! DEAR GOD PLEASE LEARN!!! Sooooooo.. I spent this weekend in a shame spiral (aka buying shit I didn’t need, drinking too much, and eating things with excessive amounts of cheese, etc) instead of prancing and dancing with people I admire and adore at the Windy City Burlesque Festival because I got turned away at the border. What happened? Shit I did not think of or even plan for in anyway.. but turns out if you want to be an “international” performer.. or plan on performing internationally.. you better get your plan hat on before you are randomly selected for a secondary baggage check/interview.

And now children, gather round as I tell my tale of woe and sadness:

So I got to the airport about 2 hrs ahead of fly time=Win!!

There was zero line for check-in =Win!

Basically zero time to get through security=Still Win!

Same for the immigration line except.. they told me the computer had randomly selected me for a secondary baggage check and interview= okaaayyy

I’m kinda freaking out abit thinking about my weirdo costumes in my suitcase and how my stupid unicorn horn comes apart so I can hide a confetti cannon in it so are they going to think I want to hide heroin in it but I figure it’ll be fine.. I still have an hour and a half before plane. Should be ok.


The long and the short of it is that they asked

Where I was going: Chicago

Why: burlesque festival

Are you performing: yes

are you getting paid: no

are they charging admission: yes

Who benefits: the producers/ probably the headliners

Are you a headliner: no

Why would you want to go: because I wish I was.. and maybe if I show people my work, they will like it/ adventure/fun.

I spent 2-3 hours doing this and missed my flight. They fingerprinted me to check for a criminal record and decided that I was ineligible because even if I wasn’t making money someone was making money off of my performance so I needed a special visa. I even called the producers and got them to send an email saying I was performing PRO BONO but no dice. No dice at all.

So here is where I can tell things went wrong.

I TOLD THE TRUTH!!!  Mind you, I told the truth the last  (and only) time I performed in the States at the Burlesque Hall of Fame and it wasn’t a big deal. BUT this is probably because I said pageant. They get pageant or competition as long as its not for money. Festival. Not so much. If someone is making money off admission- they’re going to look at you like an exploited werker or something. I also told them that the festival had found me a place to stay which is ALSO VERY VERY BAD!! They told me that counted as getting paid So make sure you say Nope nope I paid for it.

Lesson #1: You paid for everything. EVERYTHING! Underline Underline Bold Bold Bold Caps Lock >EVERYTHING!!!

Now everyone says, why didn’t you lie? Well.. I had a suitcase full of costumes that they were going to go through- and I did not have a superlie planned out. If you aren’t able or willing to get the necessary performer visa (I’ll blog about that when I figure that one out.. jeeeeepers!) you better have your superlie down pat if they start asking you why exactly you have a unicorn or mime or whatever other weirdo costume. If its for your boyfriend (cuz you have a mime fetish..)? They want to know his name, his address, how did you meet, how long have you been together, etc. If its a costume party? Where is it? How did you find out about it? Whats the party called? This might be the case unless you get the random secondary check. But I did. And I did not plan.

Lesson #2: Plan your SuperLie. And it better be super and you better have all the answers. PS. They have google.


Lesson #3 Beware the SuperLie

You get caught. You can’t go back. I’ve been hearing lots of sympathetic horror stories about people not being able to Superlie their way through and getting banned from the States for years at a time. For me- I don’t really think the Superlie will be an option cuz I’m probably a marked (wo)man at this point. I don’t know exactly what kind of performer visa I need or can get or what exactly the terms are for unpaid performances (aka bhof) but I’ll let you know if a.) I have to know (HA!) and b.) when I know.

One more lesson


All I can say at this point is to let you know that I’m ok! I honestly feel really lucky because I have so much support. So many people have offered advice or love and I’m so grateful <3  A couple of other really great things that came from this is that I was able to talk myself off the ledge pretty quickly (ok 3 days quickly but thats quick for me!! ) and be able to realize that this is nowhere NEAR the worst thing that has ever happened to me. And I can use those shit frames of reference from my past to say.. really.. this isn’t that bad. I also felt proud that I didn’t take it too personally. Its really easy to use a circumstance or instance as an excuse to feel bad about yourself as a person or a performer- but I know its just something that happened and not something that has to define me. Lessons all over place here.. and hopefully other people will know now too!!!


I fail at planes but I win at friends :)

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Friend Advice

Posted on March 11th, 2011

Some revolutionary advice from me- Yer sosmart friend April. Get a website. Or a blog. Or an Fbook fan page. Or a freekin Myspace even!! If you are trying to get other people to take you seriously? They need to A.) be able to find/contact you B.) have you give them the impression that you take yourself seriously. How the eff are they going to hire you if they can’t get ahold of you?? Stop with the delusions of grandeur about how it needs to be the super flashy and super expensive. There are lots of options that are cheap but clean and that you can update without having to pay a web person every time your calendar changes. Do it!!!!! DOITDOITDOITDOIT!!!!!

irrelevant picture

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Pie. That is All.

Posted on March 11th, 2011

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