Okeeeeeee- So its Thursday, Thursday!!! I apologize if I haven’t got your show linked on here as of  yet- I’m not trying to be a douchenugget, just oopsy daisy on my part!! That being said- I found more shows featuring fabulous Vancouver Burlesque starting tonight through till Sunday!!! Wow-wah-wee-wow!!!!

Tonight (Thursday, Thursday) brings us another addition of Sweet Sip Thursdays at the Keefer from those Sassy Sweet Soul Gals! p.s. the drink at the Keefer are sooooooo good!! sososoososoooooo GOOD!

Glamour Trash Party on Friday featuring the Incomparable Crystal Precious and everybody’s favorite Sideshow Sweetie, Camero Luvroc

Dr Sketchy at Beaumont Studios with Little Miss Risk and Little Woo featuring the artwork of Camilla D’Errico- Link is to their article in the Province but speaking of Little Woo… Where is that girl!!!!!!??? I miss her- COME BACK TO US WOO!!!! :)

Also saw the Purrfessor posting that VIBF performer and producer applications will be accepted from Jan 30-Feb 19th! I haz screenshot! BEHOLD!!!

In other non Vancouver related BQ going-ons

Found a trailer for a docu-soap that was filmed at the Toronto Burlesque Festival called “Burlesque Stories” featuring all our favorites!!! Quote from Tigger in the trailer:

“We really maintained the idea that we are all in it together, Something that is good for any of us is good for Burlesque.”

Love that guy!!!

Twas no update on the Top 50 list from 21st Century Pinups buuuuuuttt its ok!! You can still get your list fix!!! Trixie Little posted a list of her top 10 favs of 2010!