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Archive for January, 2011

Vancouver Burlesque Festival Accepting Applications

Posted on January 31st, 2011

The Vancouver International Burlesque Festival is now accepting production and performer applications for the festival which will be running from May 5-7th. Looks to be a few changes this year- some ok and some awesome!

First the Awesome.

SATURDAY NIGHT’S PRODUCTION WILL BE AT THE VOGUE THEATRE!!!!??? WHHAHTTTY!! *creams pants – That is sooooo epic!!! What a fantastic/amazing/super cool thing!!! For those who don’t know, the Vogue Theatre is fucking fancy. Its one of the oldest and coolest venues in town usually headlined by the best in super stellar acts. I do believe it has some Burlesque in its history but I can guarantee its been YEARS since this theatre has seen any stripteasin! This is a serious step up for Burlesque in Vancouver.

The Stage!!

Now for the Ok.

Looks as though there will only be 6 production spots this year. This is of course because one of the nights will be at the Vogue and there will be no Sunday show so I get the why. One of my favorite things that has happened during the evolution of our festival has been the different productions. Its so cool to be able to see 4 different shows in one night!! Especially when they represent our vast and diverse community. Hopefully the six spots will be enough to showcase everybody being as awesome as they are. Looks as though other changes might be in the flat rate payment of the productions being set and maximum number for cast to be involved in each production.

If you are looking to apply as either producer or performer, you can find applications here. The deadline for all applications which involve your videos and photos will be February 18 so get crackin!!!

I found Pictures of the Vogue here and here

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Why You Should Check out the Taboo Revue Tonight

Posted on January 28th, 2011

photo by hottiepants Liberty Knox

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Posted on January 27th, 2011

I just wanted to say dink!!!! DINK DINK DINK!!! Ok now thats out of the way…

21st Century Pinups released their 60-100; Grats to Melody Mangler and other Canadians that made it on the list!!!

Sweet Sip Thursdays with Sweet Soul at the Keefer Tonight!

Super Happy Fun Time Class with Dame Booty Dench at the Coop

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Posted on January 26th, 2011


And get DERELICTE with all your friends Sunday January 29th as the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival Association brings you an event of EPICALLY TRASHY proportions:


Create your own DERELICTE costume to party in high (or low!) fashion in any of these categories and YOU might have a chance to take the stage and WALK IT OFF in front of the world on the DERELICTE RUNWAY!

Create an outfit entirely of trash bags!

Create an entire outfit using non-clothing materials which the total cost for materials comes to $10 or less!

Costumes created from recycled computer bits, technical gear and any other cyber-trash you can find!

Fashions created from recycled kitchen ware, cleaning equipment, pots and pans, tupperware and more!

**An extremely limited number of people will be accepted into the CHALLENGE -you MUST pre-register your request to participate in this category and arrive at 8pm** What’s the challenge? You’ll be given a random grab-bag of derelicte items (ie: junk) and you have until 10:30 pm to create your own Fabulous and Filthy Fashion!

Five contestants will be picked in each category for the walk-offs with one prize winner awarded in each category! Secret celebrity judges will be roaming the dance floor from 9 to 10:30 to pick the competitors, so get out there and look your trashy best!

PLUS: Miss(or Mr) Congeniality
and best in show will be crowned Queen or King DERELICTE!

Derelicte Burlesque and entertainment performed by

Also featuring DJ K-TEL spinning the best in derelicte tunes to move your booty in an all-night extravaganza!

Doors @ 8
$15 at the door only!

Get crackin’, gluing, welding, taping or tying up your inner trashion diva for a once in a lifetime chance to climb to the top of the garbage pile and be truly

*Event profits to benefit the 2011 Vancouver International Burlesque Festival

Soooo I basically copied and pasted this off the fbook event but  common.. it was easy ANNND informative! Rumor has it that they will be announcing some big big BIG news.. I heard some rumors and they were about the venue… I actually have no confirmation on said rumor but I dream that it be true. Oooooh my god.. common RUMOR!!!!  As for theme.. its good thing its garbage. I personally hate making costumes now because I must make so many for performances.. what once was my most favorite of days (Halloweiner) has become a source of fatigue. Same with costume parties where I dont already have that costume in my inventory. I swear to god I will probably just wear a fish stick box on my head and one single garbage bag with my legs and arms poked out the sides… HOWS THAT FOR COUTURE!!! YOU LIKE ME NOW??? NOW THAT I HAVE A BOX HAT??? I’m not mad at you.. I’m sorry… uhhh.. come to the party!!! xox

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The F Word

Posted on January 25th, 2011

I R Haz Screen Shot

So part 2 of the feminist debate from last week was on today.. You can listen to it online as part of the Monday Brown Bagger. It was kinda harsh at times but interesting none the less. Try and keep your pitchforks at bay..  I’ll be posting my thoughts about holes in their theory tomorrow.

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Vancouver Burlesque Trends I Like

Posted on January 25th, 2011
  1. Merkins. Fuck i’ve seen some fucking HOT merkin action lately.. and not the pubic wig kind either. Props to the ladies out there willing to somehow adhesive things to their vagina for our visual pleasurings. Reowr!

I'm going to convince Melody Mangler to change her name to Melody Merkin. Photo by David Denofreo

2. Pulling your thigh highs, thigh high so your ass looks really, extra amazing. I think we all caught on to this when we went to Exotic World and saw many amazing asses working this same trick. Amber Ray and Peekaboo Pointe standing out for me among the sea of ass finery but ya. It works. It works goooooooood!

How to work your thigh highs by Amber Ray. Photo by Adrian Buckmaster

Meow Vava! Workin the Thigh Highs! Original photo by Greg McKinnon

3. Performers from Outta Town. Legs Malone last night.. THE CUTEST THING ALIVE!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!! And sooo beautiful!!! Wowee Zowee!!! Super nice gal too! So awesome we get to experience fresh talent!! Me likey!!!

Look at them Legs!!! Photo taken by Tatah Dujour at NYBF

Linky Winky to Photogs:

David Denofreo

Adrian Buckmaster

Greg McKinnon

Tatah Dujour

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Posted on January 22nd, 2011

Thank Fucking God Its Friday!!! Linkorama below

21st Century Pinups released the rest of the top 10 today! ALL HAIL DIRTY MARTINI!!! Seriously.. Hail her…

Dita was on CSI last night… apparently they even let her take her top off!! oooo ahhhh!!!

And remember Kitty Nights turns 3 on Sunday! Yayyyeee!

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Ma Review of The Burlesque Handbook

Posted on January 20th, 2011

I finally was able to pick up a copy of Jo Weldon’s The Burlesque Handbook back at BurlyCon this year and I wanted to add my endorsement to this little gem of a how-to. She did a really, really great job!! Its definitely written with the beginner in mind but I appreciate just how thorough and well thought out the entire read is. Jo has managed to take a very complicated genre and explain it rather well. Brava I say!

My one critique would be that it would be abit difficult to learn any kind of choreography through literature alone but ultimately this would be an excellent beginning for someone just starting out, especially if lessons are unaffordable or unavailable.

I also really appreciated the Council of Ecdysiasts in each chapter where Jo asked Burly pioneers their opinion on the subject at hand. It was definitely a super amazing thing to be able to read the opinions and tricks of the trade from so many fabulous performers!

For a veteran performer, there probably isn’t too much new information for you but worth owning as a solid resource. I would consider it as the definitive guide for neo-burlesque and a must have for any new performer. Cheers Jo!

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She’s got Legs!

Posted on January 20th, 2011

Part of the 3 year anniversary show this weekend at Kitty Nights, will be Legs Malone from New York. One of the best parts about having Burgundy and the Purrfessor in Vancouver has been their connections with NY and other amazing performers from out of town. I love that we have the opportunity to see more of what the global Burlesque scene has to offer and I’m especially excited to get to see some of Legs’ personal brand of “performative art with a distinctly burlesque twist.” This is also not to mention her 34.5” inseam. Yowzas!! Check out Legs and other rad performers this Sunday at the Biltmore. You’ll want to get there early as larger than normal crowds are expected.

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Copious Curves Copiously Close

Posted on January 20th, 2011

The Cabaret of Copious Curves approaches us this Friday at the Wise Hall. The Show returns for a second year to honor and showcase Rubenesque body types. Its abit of a reverse body discrimination type thing but  is something that I personally find refreshing.One of the main reasons I prefer Burlesque is because I’m not persecuted for my body type- something that doesn’t really ring true in any other circumstance. The producers of this show view their choice as more of a chance for  celebration and look forward to creating a show full of positive energy. I for one, am certainly looking forward to it. Here is a link from gayvancouver.net featuring one of the producers, Vava Vunderbust.

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