Ok so why does my opinion matter? It doesn’t. HA! But I have authority and content to create so this little listy is of my favorite sizzlin n’ stripteasin acts that I’ve seen in 2010. Mind you, I have seen many AMAZING acts this year and honestly I do feel like I’m not giving credit everywhere that it is due. However, that being said, off the top of my head- the following were the acts that after the test of time,after all the countless brain cells lost to binge drinking, after making sure that I had first seen them in 2010 and not before- stood out as my favorites.

Curtain Dance- April O’Peel, Violet Femme, Melody Mangler

THE ABUSE OF AUTHORITY BEGINS! Ha ok so I’m in this one but this was my favorite number that I’ve been involved with all year and I thinks it pretty awesome if I do say so myself. And I am.


Red Hot Annie- Ar-tease-t

I got to watch this rad act at the VIBF this year and I thought it was sooo clever. Creative, Innovative, Sexy! Definitely stood out for me


Lola Frost-BHOF Best Debut Entry

This was Lola’s entry for Best Debut this year at the BHOF andt she fucking killed it. KILLLLLLLEd it. You don’t even understand!! Ok if you were there you probably do-  but I’ve said it before, Lola=SEX.


Nicky NineDoors- Black Coffee

Mangler leans over to me after we were done watching (read: drooling over) this number at Midnight Blue and sez “Glad I didn’t have to go on after that.” Exactly!! Plus there was a merkin!!!


Michelle L’amour-Tiger Act

I think I’m noticing a theme where I’m picking all these sensual acts; I guess because its something I struggle with, I really appreciate sexy performers and oh my goddd- is Michelle ever sexy. I thought this was just the greatest thing!! Probably one of my top three from the BHOF weekend!!!

Judith Stein/ Rubber Legs

I don’t have video of either of these legends- but I learnt so much just watching them. Judith destroyed with her stage presence- she was soooooo soososososo sexay!! And Rubber Legs was the most amazing comedy act I have ever seen. ever.

Indigo Blue- Ricky Cortez Tribute Act

The thing that I can’t get over watching the pros is just how flawless their performances are. No pastie malfunctions, no trips or slips. Just perfect. Sometimes people get all wanky saying classic numbers are boring. I dare them to say so after watching this masterpiece. C’est Marveleux!!


Julie Altas Muz- SunGod

All Hail!! This was just epic! I think that the marker of a truly great act is when you can’t even believe what just happened! I sure couldn’t!


Honorable mentions for other acts I don’t have links to include:

Delilah Dare’s Sword Act, Doc Chocolate’s Shaft number and Dame Booty Dench’s Bear Fucking act.

Here’s to another inspired and amazing 2011!! xox