Who is a lucky ducky? Vancouver is a lucky ducky!!! And whhhhyyy you may ask!? Well because this past weekend Diamond Minx and Rosie Bitts co-produced the Midnight Blue Burlesque Show at the Wise Hall featuring none other than the beautiful and talented Michelle L’amour. **insert collective SQUEEE from everyone we know.

Michelle was kept bizee helping Vancouver launch their edition of Naked Girls Reading, teaching workshops and bringing the house down with her amazing solo performances at Midnight Blue. You thought you were tired!!

Just in case you were wondering what is Naked Girls Reading? Its exactly how it sounds. Naked girls…. reading. I didn’t get a chance to make it to the show but I heard it went really well. I mean common! They were naked AND reading!? I can’t really see how that wouldn’t be entertaining!

Because I knew Michelle was coming to Van and that she would be offering workshops here I opted to not take any of her classes at BurlyCon. I had heard through the grapevine that they were really amazing so I was really stoked to take her classes. Lucky us in Vancouver had the option to attend both a Boa and Fan Dancing class this past weekend and I got to take both. They were soooooooo great!!! (Is it just me or do I review like an 11 year old girl… hmmm..) but seriously… sooo great!! I’ve never really tried to deconstruct classic movements like the bump and grind before and I found her class really informative. Michelle is a great teacher; very warm and gracious- funny too!  She was able to walk the hard line with ease and give corrections without making anyone feel uncomfortable. I would recommend for anyone! I had way too much fun playing with the big girl fans. Probably going to have to start selling chocolate covered almonds soon so I can buy a pair.

The show on Saturday was wonderful as well! Really great mix of local performers featuring a varied array of acts. Singing, Dancing, Comedy, Live music and of course Michelle!!!  For me stand out acts included the Brolesque declaration of love for Miss L’amour from Chai Tea, Doc Chocolate, and Blue Morris. Was a really great blending of the musical talents of the boys combined with hysterical lyrics and striptease.  Count Chocula merkin!? Genius. The other number that I was absolutely mesmerized by came from classic songstress Nicky Ninedoors with piano accompaniment by Brother Keys. Although relatively new to the Burlesque Scene, Nicky has proved herself to be quite the powerhouse of talent. There was very little I could critique the number on and I forsee great things for her in the future when she gains abit more experience. This all leads us to Michelle. I can’t even do her performances justice. She was just perfect!  Her first act (which you can watch on Stripcheez of her performance at the TBF ) combined stunning boa work with Michelle’s stunning sensuality climaxing with the ass that goes Pow! Seriously. It went pow. Like 500 times!!! I do not even remotely know how she got it to move like that. DAMN. Its like a wizard ass or something. Her second number was her classic fan dance Sally Rand tribute number and it was so beautiful. Honestly was a living, moving masterpiece. I wanted to cry. There was a sense of absolute reverence in the crowd and I know so many people are so glad they were able to see Miss L’amour in person so will be able to remember when. She is just absolute perfection- A living angel! I am in complete awe of her grace and talent and feel so grateful that I was able to meet her and watch her perform. *swoon* Michelle L’amour+ Vancouver= True Luv 4Eva!!!

Michelle and April Get Their Mime On

The Cast of Midnight Blue with Mega Star Michelle L'amour