Wow-wa-wee-Wah!!! Ohm my gad! This was the funnest thing ever! It was my first year to ever attend Seattle’s annual Burlesque convention and I am a changed woman!! If you have the opportunity next year, GO! I am seriously endorsing this to every performer and to every person even remotely interested in Burlesque-just fucking GO! The bang for your buck is unbelievable! Where else can you feed your soul like this? Being able to take 4 days worth of workshops with unbelievable BQ Mega-Stars like Dee Milo, Indigo Blue, Jo Boobs, Tigger, World Famous BOB, Darlinda Just Darlinda, and Trixie and the Evil Hate Monkey- and thats just to mention a few?? No big deal. Ummm.. actually- BIG DEAL! Everyone had an absolute blast and left renewed, inspired, and grateful.

Now there were basically a bajillion classes one could take on subjects as diverse as the teachers themselves. Make-up, Hair, Clowning, Performance Art, Costuming, Comedy, Striptease Skills of every stripe. Check out for a full schedule. There were also panels, a flash mob, performer feedback sessions, brunch and a pink party. Life was good this weekend my friends… very very good.

Now I can only really testify for the classes that I took and I can only speak as to how they inspired me and ultimately I want to pay tribute to the teachers themselves. This is just a small review of my favs.

Now my favorite class was Tigger’s Personna and Performance. His class should be mandatory for everyone twirling a pastie out there. I cannot stress how inspiring he is. And what an amazing teacher!!! I think the true strength of this class is that it not only addresses the how to of Burlesque but also the why. Tigger is a true artist. You can feel and see his passion in his lecture and see that his presence in the Burly world has deeper motivations than just having fun (although it definitely is fun). Tigger wants to change the world! And the greatest lesson I took from this class was that you cannot help but respect an intention that has greater meaning. That Burlesque can and does change the world. That the Why is just as important as the How, and lucky for us, both were covered! Awesome! Honestly, any chance you have to take this class, DO! Tigger is absolutely mesmerizing and just magic to listen to.

Another of my favorite classes was Performance Art with Darlinda Just Darlinda. Again, another really great teacher! She was informed, encouraging and very engaging. I appreciate that she asked questions and encouraged her students to the same; taking into account their opinions and experiences. I had absolutely no idea what to expect and I found the entire class very informative and pretty hilarious. We also learned a specific performance art skill that also ended up being very hilarious. Ask around as to what that skill was. Hilarious.

I also took the self confidence workshop with World Famous BOB and it was really great. This class was honestly sacred. I don’t want to divulge any details but like BOB, it was a really, really beautiful experience. I have read soooooo many self help books. I am honestly a self help book guru. I just love ‘em and I can honestly say I am a self development connoisseur. So take it from me, this class is worth your time whether you think you have self confidence or not. BOB gives you tools that will actually work and honestly, were ones I have never heard or tried before. This is also not to mention that you get to see BOB up close and personal and in action. Someone who is just beautiful inside and out and is willing to share herself in order to help you. Fucking beautiful. I also would love to testify that she is a great teacher- very fun, very warm, very approachable. You feel like in another land, you would probably end up being best friends forever. I will send you your half of the heart shaped necklace soon BB. Great, great, teacher- Great, great class.

I also took a few classes with Ol’Scratch from Boston. Commedia Dell Arte and Publicity. This guy really knows what he is talking about. I was just epically impressed with his knowledge. Its like hanging out with a book. But still very personable- very impressed. This dude is a serious wealth of information. Befriend him.

Another highlight was Jo Boobs’ “How to be a Teacher” class, which really was more of a discussion. It was just nice to know that we all have our insecurities about what and how we are doing, even someone as informed and awesome as Jo! There was some really nice dialogue. An important part of what was discussed definitely involved class content. Although we may be teaching similar things, like in a routine, its important to come at them with your special flavoring. Be unique!! Do not teach someone else’s class!! Or Jo will murder you. That is all.

One of my favorite moments was listening to the keynote address from Dee Milo. She was absolute love. When someone asked what would you like to see done differently from the performers of today she said nothing. Absolutely nothing, that we were all beautiful just the way we were. I wept.

I only have 2 complaints

1.) The music at the Pink Party was TERRIBLE!!! I know there is no accounting for taste (especially mine) but it would’ve been nice to see some old school 45s that everyone would’ve liked. Some feel good oldies or at least a mix of all sorts of music. That noise made me want a glow stick. And drugs. Because drugs are the only way I would’ve enjoyed that. BLAH!

2.) BE FRIENDLIER YOU ASSHOLES! Oh my god! All I am asking is for a goddamn smile!!! I know who you are. And I know that you know who I am. I smiled at you. I am not a hobo asking you for change!? The whole spirit of the thing was soposed to be about community! I found some people came across as very unfriendly and down right snot-tay!! It felt like I was in some sort of high school flashback. Even if I know you or if I don’t know you- Trust me, you aren’t that cool and I am your future fan or friend. We don’t have to talk. Just smile… please… just smile back at me. Nod, wave, make eye contact. It obviously wasn’t everyone. Some people were absolutely lovely. And it wasn’t the teachers!!! They were all so approachable and warm and personable!! But I just think its worth mentioning that one of the best things about our community is the community.. isn’t it??

That being said, those are minor minor MINOR complaints compared to the amazing. I am a changed person! That is such an amazing thing to be able to say! And I doubt you’d find even one person who attended that couldn’t say the same thing. Thank you so much!!!! To Indigo Blue and the rest of the BlueBurlyCon committee- You have created something absolutely amazing and we are all so indebted to you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!