Doc Chocolate


How did you get involved in Bur/Boylesque?

My active involvement began with signing up for Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society’s “Becoming Boylesque” workshop classes. Prior to this I had been enjoying Kitty Nights at the Biltmore, and had attended a few Burlesque classes taught by Burgandy Brixx. I was made aware of Becoming Boylesque through one of Screaming Chickens Taboo Revue shows, and it appealed to me, so I signed up. It was a natural progression from there.

Whats your favorite act to perform?

It would have to be my “Shaft” number, which has become somewhat of a signature. I look forward to performing new and exciting acts in the near future!

Whats your favorite act that you’ve witnessed?

There are so many favorites. I will have to go with two moments prior to becoming involved in burlesque; two that stand out in memory. The first witnessing a Patrick Swayze/Dirty Dancing act, and the the second being a wild, hilarious group bar fight number. Watching those two acts really motivated me to become actively involved in the burlesque community.

Highlights thus far?

The Burlesque Hall of Fame weekend in Las Vegas last June will stand out as one of my most memorable experiences thus far. Not only was it my first time in Vegas, but I went with 20+ fellow members of Screaming Chicken, and we performed on a Vegas stage! I’m quite proud of that. Being a part of the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival this year was an honour as well as a highlight. Above all, I consider myself quite humbled by all of the amazing people I have met in the year I have been involved. My highlights are the people.

If you could smell like anything, what would that be?

Chocolate, of course. Specifically, cocoa butter.