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BHOF- Friday

Posted on June 30th, 2010

Friday was one of the nights I was looking most forward to!! The Titans of Tease featuring all the legends and big-name performers that I admire!! Heaven!!! Hosted by THE WORLD FAMOUS *BOB* & KITTEN ON THE KEYS, the event starred:




























Legend interviews from DR. LUCKY and TIGGER!

Again… all the acts were super amazing!! But for me, personally again there were definitely some highlights!!

**DISCLAIMER** My opinion only. I’m an idiot. The End.

CANDY CARAMELO was just so wonderful!!! She started by telling us how much she loved us and the feeling was entirely mutual!! I love you I love you!! No Candy.. WE LOVE YOU!!! Candy was once billed as the World’s Biggest Showgirl and has had an amazing career. Her set was absolutely delightful; featuring song and lots of bawdy humor (my favorite!!). She was engaging, scandalous, and full of joy! Love her!!

RUBBER LEGS-  MY EFFING FAVORITE ALL WEEKEND!!! As an aspiring/fellow comedy type, Rubber Legs totally blew me away. I’m basically obsessed with this guy!! I don’t know what style of dance that was?? Soft shoe? Is funny a style? It reminded me of Charlie Chaplin..kinda..but FUNNIER! He did a routine where he was drinking a beer.. but he had lots of awesome tricks spinning his beer around and pretending to drunk dancey styles. His facial expressions were AMAZING! I got to share a few words with him at the pool party on Sunday and he told me It’s not what you do, but how you do it!  So true and I’m definitely taking that advice to heart. RUBBER LEGS FOR PRESIDENT!!!

SATAN’S ANGEL gave a performance of a lifetime!! Fire tassels, sass, and the most amazing back piece ever left the audience screaming for more. I freeking love her!! Apparently this was her farewell performance as she is moving to Austrailia this year and retiring!?? WHAT!!! Noooooooooooo!!! I feel super privileged that I got to see this hot lady in action one last time.

TIFFANY CARTER aka Miss Nude Universe performed the same number you may have seen at the VIBF and it was tops!! She honestly is so sexay. Her connection with the audience is amazing. You feel like shes performing just for you in a sea of people. Thats pretty effing amazing!! Mad skillz right there yep!! Mad mad skills…

Unfortunately the night ended on a sad bummer note when TEMPEST STORM took abit of a tumble during her routine. Apparently she fractured her hip and had to go into surgery. Effing Boo. Everybody was really upset.. I personally am starting a rumor that she is fine, and she flew away in a magic car like at the end of Grease instead of going to the hospital. Yahh.. thats what happened. magic car. Hope you feel better soon Tempest!

I knew less about STEPHANIE BLAKE than most of the other more recent winners of the pageant but she really really impressed me. Definitely can see why she is a 2 time title winner!! Her connection with audience was unparalleled and I just thought she was absolutely mesmerizing! Very sultry, very steamy, very awesome.

MICHELLE L’AMOUR number was in my top five for the weekend. So polished, so hot, just a mesmerizing performer. The ole’ cat in a cage number. Um.. she had a CAGE! and she climbed on top of it, was very convincing in her cat movements (I really really liked the cat in the cage movements.. like really.. good one lady!!), and was generally just extremely extremely hot. Meow!

JULIE ATLAS MUZ; SO AMAZING!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! 4 words! Tassel-Twirling Knee Slides!! No wait!! Another uhh let me count ‘em  33 words!! Taking a swig of champagne, shoving a guys face from the audience into your crotch and spritzing/spitting champagne into the air like the hottest fountain ever at the culmination of your act. We’re not worthy!!! We’re not worthy!!!

Other highlights for me were watching INDIGO’s duster number!! Oh swish!! Seriously one of the best things to ever happen to me! DIRTY MARTINI was freekin FABOO as always and I was so stoked to be able to watch CATHERINE D’LISH perform. She is a master!!

I also really dug the legend interviews with Dr. Lukki. So amazing to be able to hear from the people who actually lived the life! Hear their stories, good and bad. I know I only mentioned a few of the performances, but fact is they were all great!! Friday was pretty much my favorite night, cept for that magic car, but I just effing loved it!!! Such an amazing experience!!! Swoon!!

Vancouver Performer Precious Metal posing with her Idol Satan’s Angel. awwww!!!

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Posted on June 29th, 2010

HEY!! I’M BACK!!! Sorry team!! After such debauchery, I needed to go home and eat nothing but vanilla yogurt and vacuum my room in straight lines only for a few weeks.. pretty sure i’m over it tho! So um.. where to start!! VEGAS! Jebus.. what a weekend!! Is there too much of a good thing!? Ask me after the buffet.. and I will say F*CK YES!! DOWN WITH THE BUFFET!!! Seriously.. BOOOOO!! HISSS!!! But it was an amazing smorg of fabulous Burlesque entertainment all weekend long!! And unlike my sworn enemy the buffet… I only had pleasant tingly feelings after!!

The Thursday opening night show was an absolutely wonderful way to kick off the festivities. The Line up hosted by Tyler Fyre,Thrill Kill Jill and some unfortunate snakes included the following fabulous performers:

Anna Bells & Lorena Bells (Los Angeles, CA)
Belle Cozette & Evilyn Sin Claire (Seattle, WA)
Betsy Bottomdollar (Victoria, BC)
Burgundy Brixx (British Columbia, CA)
Champagne Sparkles (Victoria, BC, Canada)
Coco Lectric (Austin, TX)
Coppelia (Tokyo, Japan)
Dinah Might (London, UK)
Flame Cynders (San Francisco, CA)
Frenchie Kiss (Chicago, IL)
Gigi La Femme (Brooklyn, NY)
Gilbert (Tokyo, Japan)
Jett Adore (Chicago, IL)
Kiss Me Kate (Berkeley, CA)
Leroi the Girlboi (New York, NY)
Lil Steph (Philadelphia, Pa)
Mena Von Fleisch (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Miss Tempest Rose (London, UK)
Polly Wood (Seattle, WA)
Stormy Leigh (Tucson, AZ)
The Tease Queens (Finland)
Vicky Sin (Chicago, IL)

Le Damn! Thats alot of hot peforming action!! I dare you to try youtubing all of them!! All the acts were super amazeballs but there were a few standouts for me!!

***DISCLAIMER** My opinion only!!! I’m an idiot. The End.

um ok.. so the greatest thing EVER according to me was the absolutely exquisite JETT ADORE! How this man didn’t end up competing for the Boylesque title is beyond me but he….was… AMAZING!! Not only was he smokin hot, his Zorro act was superbly executed with just the perfect amount of drama, dance ability, presence, and epic ridiculousness. I LOVE HIM!!! Ladies Choice!! Ladies Choice!!!!

Now first and foremost the weekend is a reunion and a chance for friends new and old to meet as well as to honor the legacy that has been left for us by the foremothers of Burlesque. That being said, this means that there are alot of really fabulous, beautiful, classic style numbers. And they were all fabulous and beautiful but I like me some variety and thats why I super super appreciated CHAMPAGNE SPARKLES and BETSY BOTTOMDOLLAR both from the CHEESECAKE BURLESQUE in Victoria. I had never seen Champagne’s Ma Nam a Nah act before and it is AWESOME!! It was really nice to see abit of humor injected into the evening and I thought it was super well done/hilarious!! Three cheers for misbehaving giant bird puppets!!! And Betsy’s cowgirl number was beyond fun!! So much life and joy in this number!! Her personality lit up the room! I was super proud of our BC girls!!

BELLE COZETTE and EVILYN SIN CLAIRE from Seattle. I had seen previews of their Porcelain Promenade online and was definitely intrigued. This act features two toilets encrusted with rhinestones. The work took 20,000 stones per toilet and an estimated 200 man hours. At first… I was afraid. Could it be done!!?? Could you get away with LITERAL toilet humor on stage!? And the answer was a resounding YES! OH MY GAD I LOVED THEM!!! Takes some serious skill to turn the act of no.1 and 2 into something that was funny, sweet, and silly all at the same time!! It was actually a really brilliant parody of the giant prop thing that has become so popular in Burlesque. Kudos Ladies!!!

THE TEASE QUEENS from Finland were AMAZING! These Blonde, Brunette, and Red-Haired mavens put together an absolutely stunning 3 piece that was simply precious. The act had a delightfully classic style and they did a wonderful job!

GiGi LaFemme from Brooklyn NY is hot. Do I need to say anything more? Seriously.. seriously…SERIOUSLY…. hot. There was spanking. Hot.

Leroi the Girlboi. um. This is one of those ones that almost needs to be seen to be described. In this number, Leroi is a robot. Leroi has a badass costume. And Leroi dances to the big butts song. You know? Where they like it and they can not lie!? Ya.. that was Leroi!! Rippin it up!! Seriously youtube this one.

It should also be mentioned that our own BURGUNDY BRIXX was as always, absolutely perfect!!! Her voice, her performance, everything… beautiful!!! Don’t worry Vancouver, she did us good. Real real good. (way gooder than my grammar.)

One of the gown and gloves that really stood out for me was from FLAME CYNDERS. I thought she was absolutely striking!! This breathtaking blonde from San Fran had charisma to spare and was uber polished! Yeaaahh! Hopefully lots of you got a chance to watch her last weekend at The Glass Slipper show!

Oh Thursday!!! How I loved thee!! And the best part.. was that it was only the beginning!!!

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StripCHEEZ at the Toronto Burlesque Festival!

Posted on June 16th, 2010

Hear Ye, Hear Ye – we the CHEEZY Gang of this wunnerful lil’ site have got some BIG NEWS!

Yep, we do. Next month, July 21st to 25th to be exact, we’ll be playin’ and partyin’ and ooglin’ with the best of them at the fabulous 2010 Toronto Burlesque Festival  - and we’ll be doing it in a big way – we’re sponsoring the Toronto premiere of “Dirty Martini and the New Burlesque”, the uber cool new documentary by Gary Beeber. Both he and Dirty Martini will be at the premiere along with some of the other stars of the film – we can’t wait!

We’ll also be on hand to bring you as many of the performances as possible, so you’ll always be able to see your favorite acts. We’ll keep ya updated on all this as it develops and hope to oogle you there in person or here on StripCHEEZ!


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OH Canada!!!!

Posted on June 1st, 2010

Vancouver Represent!! This weekend will be host to the 20th anniversary of The Burlesque Hall of Fame Reunion and Pageant in fabulous Las Vegas! And not surprising considering the talent that oozes out of every pore here in Van (ok thats actually a really gross analogy.. but seriously.. it oozes..), we have mega Vancouver representation heading down to show the world just what kind of bad ass awesomeness we’ve been hiding up here!!!

We have not one but TWO contenders from those infamous Sassmasters, SWEET SOUL BURLESQUE competing for the title of Best Debut!!!

CHERRY ON TOP is hands down one of, if not the best dancer in town..this girl can move!  Her energy and vitality on stage are matched by no one!! Her infectious joy and freekin faboo costumes are sure to help this already shining star impress the judges and global community alike.

LOLA FROST is sex. Is that even a sentence? But if you’ve seen our resident raven haired flapper perform, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Lola is the sexiest, most sultry performer I can even think of! When Lola performs no one dares take their eyes off of her, not even for a second! And I’m sure everyone in Vegas will have the exact same problem!

Now if thats not enough we are also sending down TWO troupes to compete for the title of BEST GROUP!

SCREAMING CHICKEN THEATRICAL SOCIETY has been host to Vancouver’s longest running and now the largest Burlesque Variety Show, the Taboo Revue for the last 5 years. Known for their zany flavors and large group numbers, the Chickens are sending down a 23 person group number spectacular!!

SWEET SOUL BURLESQUE has been an integral part of the Vancouver Burlesque scene since 2003 and is home to some of the strongest performers in the city. Sweet Soul strives to break the mold by creating fun, ground-breaking burlesque events that are of high production value and unequaled sassiness.

I know that both groups are just positively elated and honored to be accepted and are so excited to be able to represent Vancouver. But… if you are still not impressed let me tell you about..

MELODY MANGLER is the artistic director for the SCREAMING CHICKEN THEATRICAL SOCIETY and brought home gold last year when she competed and won Best Debut! This was no surprise for Vancouverites already familiar with the legacy and talent of Mama Chicken. She is a true performer and jill of all trades; comedian songstress and one hell of a stripteaser!!! It is definitely worth mentioning the innovation that goes into each act Melody produces. I am constantly amazed and inspired!!! Melody will be competing for the title of Reigning Queen of Burlesque.

Could it get any better!? Yes actually.. it can!!!

BURGUNDY BRIXX, producer and performer of/in the epically popular weekly Burlesque show KITTY NIGHTS will be be performing her signature Gypsy Rose Lee tribute number at the opening night on Thursday. Burgundy is a true professional and an amazing talent. She has been such an asset to Burlesque in Vancouver since her move here from New York a few years ago. Especially so this year with all her hard work and dedication making the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival a success.

The GIRLS ON TOP are a non profit group who campaign to raise awareness about issues of violence against women and Vancouver’s survival sex trade. This troupe of super sweet and sexy samaritans have also been selected to perform their super fun Tiki group number at the Pool Party at BHOF on Sunday! Ay Carumba!

So all in all, thats about 40 PERFORMERS FROM VANCOUVER heading down to Vegas to show the world all that is wonderful about our little slice of Burly heaven!! And really.. thats not even counting significant others, well wishers or looky loos!! We are going to have a ball and I am beyond excited!!! Good Luck to Everyone!!! I am so so so SO proud of you!!

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