Holla!!! Oh my gah!! Can you believe it!? This is some of the most amazing ever!! Tournee, a film by Mathieu Amalric, premiered last week at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival and competed against 19 other films for the Palme d’Or!! They didn’t win the grand prize but Mathieu took home the award for Best Director! Snazzaroo!! The film’s plot centres around a troupe of American New Burlesque Stars on tour in France and stars real life Burlesque Starlets Dirty Martini, Julie Atlas Muz, Mimi Le Meaux, Roky Roulette and Kitten on The Keys. This is so big!! Not only for the the well deserving Burlesquers but for Burlesque itself as an art form. For Burlesque as we know and love it, to be featured in such a high profile festival with such amazing press coverage…EEEEE!! I could just die!! I think it is so important that as Burlesque becomes more visible to the mainstream that it doesn’t become sanitized to please the masses. I have some mild concerns about the upcoming movie, “Burlesque” starring Christina Aguilera, Cher, and some other TV lady. I’m pretty sure that it will have some bad-ass dancing and singing but I’m also pretty sure its not going to have any parts of the New Burlesque that I love so much!! You know… like Body Positivity? Or Humor? Or Diversity? Or I don’t know STRIPTEASE!?? Maybe it will.. but I know for damn sure that Dirty, Julie and the rest of the girls in Tournee are the perfect ambassadors to represent our world of Burlesque to fans new and old.