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About Us

As ardent followers of Burlesque, we've fallen in love with many of the performers we've had the good fortune to watch. Female or male – their beauty, dedication, strength, creativity and engaging presence on stage entertains and inspires us immensely as do their incredibly welcoming personalities and community off-stage.

BurlesqueStars.net celebrates all that we love about this wonderful and often poignant art form by providing a venue where you can view and share performances by some of the worlds best and many that are soon to be.

If you're a performer, create your own profile, upload videos of your performances, connect to other members and share your experiences, questions, advice and ideas. View other performances to be inspired and entertained, watch our weekly interviews with notable Burlesque performers and personalities, and read the latest postings by our ever-so-fabulous and entertaining columnists.

By popular demand, we've added a "Pro" level for all the hard-working Burlesque professionals – Performers, Producers, Photographers, Videographers, Schools, Venues, Blogs, Media and more. "Pro" members enjoy enhanced services and features which allow them to create a strong promotional and networking presence on BurlesqueStars and the sites we network with, including facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon and Reddit.

Our goal is to consistently bring you the best and latest in Burlesque entertainment, news, advice and community, while also enabling you to be an active participant and perhaps even become one of our featured "Stars".

We hope the performances and personalities on BurlesqueStars will always entertain and inspire you.

Our very best,

TINK – Founder & Creative Director


le STAR Gang – your ever-helpful backstage Burlesque-a-holics